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I just got the following in an email from Hugh Watson and he gave me his permission to post it here for you all:

Last night at the nursing home I heard about “Prayer and the Hand.” Thought you might be interested in hearing.

Sometimes we have so much to pray for that we might forget some one or some special request. If we remember to pray by our fingers it might solve the problem.

The first digit is our thumb, it is nearest to our heart – we are to remember those nearest to us, relatives, loved ones etc.

The second digit is the one we point with – it reminds us to pray for those who teach and instruct like teachers, pastors, sunday school teachers etc.

The third digit is the tallest one and represents our leaders – congressmen, the president, bosses, anyone in charge (police, fire, and so on)

The four finger (the ring finger) is said to be the weakest one as it doesn’t do the work the others do – this represents those weaker than us, those in need of help – the sick, elderly, children, etc.

The last finger is our smallest, least important, our ‘pinkie’ finger – it reminds us to pray for ourselves last.

Be sure also and check out the Church Planting Discussion where I am beginning a discussion of how to restore a fallen brother.

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