Welcome to our newest members

This Sunday morning Barbi Denisi joined our church. She has been a tremendous blessing and we thank God for sending her our way. Also tonight Kenny Morgan joined our church via baptism. Isn’t that exciting as we see different people accepting Jesus Christ then taking the first step of obedience.

This is an edited version of the original–sent out Kevin Morgan–I guess because I was trying to do more than one thing at a time. Thank you Mark for calling my attention to such a slip.

I also love it as I see you step up and allow God to work in your life and ministry.

Tonight we also were privileged to see David Lundy, our children’s pastor, baptize Amber and Sabrina Hardin as well as James Williams.

I am really excited about all the things that God is going to do in our church this month. I would really like to ask you to be praying for me that I would be used of God to preach, teach, lead, and plan like I should this month.

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