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Well God really blessed today. I got home after 10:30 pm and was a little tired and was just thinking about how I didn’t feel like I preached as well as I should have today. I was starting to get discouraged and to think about how I had messed up the day when I realized just how much God blessed in spite of me.

It ends up that we had 121 in Sunday School and 139 in the morning service. Two teens accepted Christ after the morning service. One joined this morning–more on that in the next post, 4 were baptized tonight and so though the preacher might not have done so good God blessed in spite of me.

Tonight we were down to only 72 but then we did have the 4 baptisms. I can’t believe how good God is to us here at Vision. I thank you for your prayers and your hard work.

Today was a wonderful day and I thank God for how our young men and women are stepping up and taking so much responsibility in all the special services.

Today was the last day of the month so I thought that you might enjoy seeing what God has done over the last year. In Sunday School we just averaged 121 which means that we increased 46 over the 75 we averaged last year. In the AM service this month’s average was 135 and last year’s average was 108. This month our PM Service average was 87 up from 61 last year. Thursday night’s average is 114 up from 62 last year.

God has been so good to us. Thank you for all that you do and are doing to help us make a difference for the cause and kingdom of the Lord Jesus.

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