Honored and grateful!

Betty and I served for 20 years and 2 months with Macedonia World Baptist Missions as missionaries to the country of Peru. After several years I was asked to be the Spanish Speaking South American Field Director and served in that capacity for several years.

We truly enjoyed all the years that God gave us with Macedonia and love the board and all the pastors and men who serve on the board and its missionaries.

Yesterday, Dr. Dean Hamby, came to Vision. I was surprised to see him there but always glad to see a fellow servant and warrior in the gospel ministry. Then Philip invited him to the front without my knowledge and he proceeded to present Betty and I with a plaque for our 20 years of service, to say lots of nice things, and also gave us a gift card for Outback Steakhouse.

I never expected that gift or recognition since we have now been gone from Macedonia for nearly two years but were very grateful. I am sure that you can imagine but Betty cried.

It was wonderful to have them with us and it was a tremendous encouragement to get the plaque. Thank all of you for your kindness to us also in the service and for your love for God and your faithfulness to His service.

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