The Pie is finished and so am I!

Well I finished my pie for the Contest tomorrow! I am sure not to win but you probably won’t die when you taste it!

I do know one thing and that is the eating of the pie is far easier than the making of the pie. I gained new respect for my wife and all of you ladies as you cook and prepare so much for us. Boy the next time I eat a piece of pie I am going to thank you about double or triple.

Well I can’t wait for tomorrow and to be bluntly honest with you it has nothing to do with it being Round Up Sunday or the fact that I will be dressed in all of my cowboy regalia. Nor does it have anything to do with a barbecue sandwich or a pie making contest.

I am excited because I will get to see some people that maybe haven’t been in church in a while. I will get to worship our great God with all of you. I will get to open the precious Word of God and preach its truths once again.

I love all the fun stuff but unless you know for yourself I could never tell you how much I love the Word of God. I love preaching it. I love studying the Bible. I love worshiping God. I love the church. I have always loved being with God’s people and studying and learning all that I can about God and His will for my life. Tomorrow that is exactly what we will be doing.

See you in just a few hours.

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