Proud Pastor!

Well what else can I say! Trent Cornwell is a great youth pastor. He did a great job today as he hosted (at our church) the North Georgia Youth Fellowship. At least 7 churches were represented I believe. Trent incorporated world evangelism into everything he did today.

Trent’s dream is to be a mission’s mobilizer and that he was today! He had the kids learn about China, talk to a missionary in China, who is a great friend and also a great man of God and hear from another missionary, Jeff Bush.

I can not explain to you how proud I was of all of our young people today! They sang as a choir–Adam looked like he would bust with pride and I was having an even worse case of it! Our young ladies sang like angels! Our Vision singing groups sang as well and all I could say was I gave thanks to God over and over for each of you.

I watched our young people set everything up, organize, take up an offering, and just do whatever Trent needed them to do plus serve the pastors and youth directors.

I saw our church people working hard to help Trent host everything and all I can say is that I am very proud of all of you and thank God for you.

I thank God for Stephanie Cornwell, she is such a good wife for Trent and a good example and worker in the teen ministry! I also thank God for Chris and Kathy Fies and all the work that they so selflessly do!

Then there was Mark Coffey doing one of the things that he always does so well–making somebody else look good!

We are a blessed church with some great people! We have a wonderful church staff! I am a blessed man to be able to serve in a church like Vision and I thank Him and you!

Jeff Bush did a tremendous job preaching as he always does. It was a wonderful day!

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