North Georgia Youth Fellowship

Well there is a house full of young people from several churches around the city of Atlanta. We are privileged to have this group of young people visit with us for the first time. I believe that so far there are 6 churches represented.

I pray that God will call young men to preach and send them from here around the USA and then around the world carrying the name of the Lord Jesus.

They have been singing some and just sang a beautiful song called “Complete in Thee!”

We also watched the youth directors play a game similar to Rock, paper, and scissors.

Now they have Jacob on Skype from China playing a missions game. They are asking them questions. The first question was Can you buy a Bible legally in China? The answer is yes and it is legal. No one got it right!

The next question is Are there any legal churches in China? The answer is that there are legal churches in China. Several got this one right.

The next question is Will you find very many cheese products in China? The answer is no! Many are lactose intolerant.

Well that is enough for now. I hope you come the next time. I think you would enjoy it

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