Building Men at Victory in Loganville!

Pastor Derik Lawrence (Victory Baptist Church in Loganville) invited me to preach in their Building Men Meeting last night. There were over 50 men present and a wonderful excitement in the air for what God is doing.

I was able to preach on Hundredfold Men and only finished the first point. I really enjoyed being with them and was very excited to see how God is moving in their church.

I really am looking forward to the great plans God has for that church and its ministry. You can follow their blog by clicking on the Pastor’s name at the beginning of this article or by looking at the blogroll to the side of this blog and clicking on Derik Lawrence, Victory Baptist.

God gave me an extra blessing last night to have Missionary Jeff Bush accompany me on the 90 something minute trip over and for the service.

Mark Tolson preached in my place last night at Vision and all I have heard is how God used him and good the message was. It was also a blessing to have Larry back with us.

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