Two saved!

God blessed greatly again today. This morning God gave us 15 nationalities for our Day of the Nations. This has been an extremely wonderful World Vision Celebration (mission’s conference).

This morning God gave us 108 in Sunday School and 118 in the AM Service. This evening we had our Spanish banquet with Pastor Ronald Tubillas preaching and then Jeff Bush finishing his last message for our Mission’s Conference. Two young men got saved. What a wonderful evening.

Then on top of that God allowed us to give an offering to the Argentina land fund of over $4,200. That means that since the beginning of the push for the money our church has given well over $5,000 to help in the purchase of their land.

What can I say? This has been a super week and our best Mission’s Conference yet.

I am already making better plans for the next conference that will really bless those of you that are so hungry to get the gospel around the world. I will be getting you information about what we will do but it is going to be our best yet.

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1 thought on “Two saved!”

  1. Praise God for the two newest family members. I hope to soon be able to meet my new siblings in Christ. I am so happy to heard that God provided the money to reach your goal. I am glad I was able to be a part of helping Jeff purchase his land. I enjoyed being there the first three nights and hated to miss the final night. I was touched by every message preached. Thank you for helping to get the gospel to the world. Everyone should be as blessed as we are.

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