Just thanking God!

Well I am getting everything ready for tomorrow and thanking God for how good He has been to us so far. This has been a wonderful week and I thank God for what He is doing. Isn’t it wonderful to see God blessing us so greatly. The Mission’s Conference has been great and will be again tonight.

Tomorrow morning I will bring a mission’s message. Tomorrow night we will have our Spanish Banquet as we try to reach Spanish people with the love of Jesus and His good news.

I was just looking at our attendance and noticed that we have now had over 100 for 6 Thursday evenings in a row. God is so good to us.

You don’t know what is going on behind the scenes but let me tell you that God is working in my heart and helping me to see more clearly what He wants us to do. We are making plans. I am excited about some things that we will be working on this week to prepare for all that God wants to do.

All I can say is hold on! God is going to do great and wonderful things. I see the day with our missionaries heading out to the world with the gospel message going not only to Peru but to the entire world. I see our men starting churches in Atlanta and around the world. I see our church in its own building with a great deal of influence in our community for God and right. We are privileged to be the pioneers. We are the ones that are cutting down the trees–building the log cabins. We are making the roads but the real growth is on the way. Not for us or our honor and glory but for Him.

God is already at work doing things that we are not even aware of right now. Jesus is coming soon. We must be about the Father’s business.

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