Fabulous Friday Evening!

God blessed so much again today. First, I was able to be in class with our students and missionaries from 8 am to 12 pm. Then on to lunch with the gang and from there to be on the phone with over seas for about 2 hours helping make plans and working through church planting ideas.

Then meeting with more missionaries and pastors before going to our World Vision Celebration’s second night. Dean Hamby preached a wonderful message from Acts 13. Little did he know that we are currently in that wonderful chapter in our own journey through Acts. What a wonderful message.

Then came Jeff Bush again and he took us through John 17 and how the Lord prayed for us. It was another great message that reached right down to where we live and motivated us to get involved sharing the good news with all of our friends.

God is doing a wonderful thing in our church. He is building a truly world evangelism church.

A church that is more about what you can do than what you can’t do! A church that is more about Bible study that applies to your life than religious talk. A church that cares for hurting people in a damaged world. I love the Lord Jesus and I love you guys. I am so proud of all of you and know that we are seeing and going to see even more the great move of God on our church.

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