Catching up!

Well thank you to all of you that gave to send us on a trip to Pigeon Forge. Betty and I had a little escape thanks to you. It was very resting and refreshing for us and we thank you. We attended Liberty Baptist Church in Pigeon Forge on Sunday evening and saw some old friends and then showed up at the cabin.

We then hibernated for next 4 days. We are always in the middle of people and love it but it was good to be alone and enjoy each other and to recuperate and recharge for more work.

We got home on Thursday and I was straight back to the office. It was wonderful to be back in the office and working at what I love so much. I missed the young missionaries. I missed the church. I missed the staff and I even missed the aquarium and especially the large red tailed black shark.

Thursday night we had our first service of the World Vision Celebration. It was great. Fred Kindhart brought a wonderful message about how God bared his arm to reach into the garbage of sin to rescue us, to secure us, to satisfy us and then to allow us to participate in his work. It was a wonderful message.

By the way if you missed the video that the guys made of his interview you really need to ask to see it. If I get several requests I will even post it here on the blog — maybe.

Then Jeff Bush brought a wonderful message. What a powerful man of God and preacher. He is a great mission’s conference speaker. He talked about how the Lord is calling us to get in and get involved. It was wonderful. If you missed it I hope that you will catch the service on Saturday evening at 6 pm and the on Sunday at 6 pm as we close out the Conference. It has been a blast.

God is allowing us to be involved in the most wonderful work that ever existed. That of sharing his gospel and his great salvation and name to the world.

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