Welcome 3 new members!

God has so richly blessed us giving us 3 wonderful young ladies as members of our church. Kelli Perkins soon to be Kelli Canfield joined our church tonight. We are so very proud to have her. She will soon be marrying Robert Canfield in October and they are preparing to be missionaries in the Our Generation Training Center. They are a great blessing to all the ministries of our church.

Crystal Barnhill and Stephanie Craven also joined the church tonight. They have just recently moved to the area and are two very fine young ladies and a strong desire to serve God. They are both excited about world evangelism and will be a tremendous blessing to our church and reaching people with the gospel message.

They both plan to study in the Our Generation Training Center during the next semester. I know that you will want to welcome them the next time you see them.

Also God has given us a tremendous attendance on Thursday nights for the last 5 weeks. Our lowest attendance on Thursday evening has been 104 and tonight we had 120. God is tremendously blessing.

I thank all of you for your very hard work. God will reward you.

I can’t wait for this Sunday because we will be heading into our World Vision Celebration week. We are going to have a wonderful time. I hope you are already busy witnessing and inviting people to the service.

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