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I know that several missionaries and pastors read our blog each day. Totally we average nearly 150 readers a day (actually not that much of a readership in comparison to the real bloggers) counting those who get it via email, rss feeds, and an average of over 70 each day who go to the page from all over the world.

I was thinking of how good God has been to us and how He has allowed us to see our church grow over this past year and a half. The growth isn’t all that we want and we do desire to see God do more but He has been good to allow us to go from our original group to an average of over 130 and a blessing of 171 last Sunday.

What I wanted to tell you is that I certainly haven’t done very much in the growth of our church. It is really the work of a team. God gave us good people to help us start this church. But more than that I wanted to share with you that you need a good team and you need to give them their space to do the work that God has called them to do.

Many of us as pastors often protect our turf and do not allow our men to have ownership of their ministry. We like them to know that they work for us. That curtails their ability as well as desire to work. I challenge you to realize that you can only take a church to certain level. Without a good team or staff you will not continue to grow. Many pastors can get a work to a certain level and can never get past it. Much of the reason for that is that the assistant or team members are never free to do the ministry. They must not be micro managed.

The secret to what has happened in our church up until now has been that God gave us great guys and they do their own thing. Yes they try to work with me. Yes they try to please me but I do all that I can to give them their space and facilitate their doing God’s will for their life in our church.

That was just something I was taking with a friend about today. I hope that it helps and I do not dare to presume that you aren’t already doing that but let me say–give them their space. Let them do the work. Give them the credit and do all you can to help them be better at what they do.

By the way I would like to challenge you to look at all of my friend’s blogs that are listed on the right side of this blog but especially I challenge you to read Mark Coffey’s blog! Though he speaks of being the second man I think if you turn it around you will see something about what we need to do as leaders in the way we treat our second men and also what we should be as the leader.

Don’t just read the last blog entry–go all the way back to the first one and read all of them. They are great. I don’t always look great in them but I think Mark is really doing a great job.

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