Jeff Bush the main speaker!


Well Jeff Bush will be our main speaker and he will do a great job. He will be preaching Thursday through Sunday night in the service. Jeff and Mindy have been around the church the last couple of weeks on Thursday night so you at least might have an idea who they are but I wanted to tell you more. You really have no idea what a privilege it is to have a man like him preaching for us.

Betty and I have had the privilege of knowing and serving with the Bushs now for several years. Here is their testimonies from their web page:

I was saved in 1993 at a tent revival in my home church in MO. The next summer, 1994, I went on my first missions trip with my youth group to New Mexico It was there, seeing the need and being involved, that God began to touch my heart. One evening in the meetings we sang “I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back”. I began to think, I am saved, but have I ever decided to follow Jesus totally in my life. I went back to the dorm room after the service and began to read and pray. God was touching my heart and as I began to read Is. 41:9-20, God spoke to my heart about being a missionary for Him. That night I gave my life totally to Him. I was 16 at the time. I went back home and my pastor began giving me opportunities to preach.

I finished high school and then went to Crown College. During my second year I went to Peru for 6 months and God taught me many things about missions. I went back and finished my studies at Crown, praying God would direct me exactly to the country He would have me to go. After praying much and studying, God placed Argentina on my heart. I graduated from Crown in May of 2000 and got married in June of 2000. We immediately began our deputation and then went to Peru for almost 2 years for language and preparation.

We arrived in Argentina on January 21, 2004 and stayed in a hotel while looking for a house, vehicle, and church building. God gave us everything we needed in a short amount of time and on March 21, 2004 we held our first service at the Lighthouse Baptist Church in La Plata.

In September 2004, God gave us the opportunity to begin the Grace Baptist Church in Quilmes, a city 45 minutes away from La Plata.

On March 1, 2005, we began the first classes in the Macedonia Baptist Institute with a group of young men from all parts of Argentina. We are expecting great things from our Lord and are seeing His hand work strong in the country of Argentina. From here in Argentina, the goal is the same as our Saviour’s goal – reach the world with the Gospel!


I grew up in a Christian home in Brownsville, Indiana. I accepted Christ as my Saviour when I was 8 years old. In my childhood I don’t remember wanting to be anything but a missionary. When I was 14, I surrendered to the mission field. After completing high school I attended Crown College. During my second year there, I spent 6 months in Peru as a student learning about missions. I met my husband at Crown College and in June of 2000 we were married. We now have 3 little girls and are excited about what the Lord has called us to do here in Argentina.

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