Bringing them back to Jesus and His church!

An article in Outreach Magazine had some very interesting news in it for us as a church and for us as we try to affect people’s lives with the gospel message of Jesus Christ. I would like to take this post and share with you some very exciting things from the article that we could do as individuals that might be just what is needed to make a difference in the life of a friend.

Over 41% of those polled (unchurched people) said that they would return to church if invited by a friend. A sincere invitation from you to your friend might be what it would take to get them back. 60% of those 18-35 said that they might return if a friend would invite them. That is impressive. I think you and I both would have thought that they would be the harder age to reach but they seem to just be wanting an invitation.

The article states “First, almost half of those who are considering returning to the Church said that they would do so because they feel it will bring them closer to God. Second, not only do people return to the Church because God is working in their hearts, but also because they sense a void in their lives. Over a third of the de-churched said that they would return to fill the emotional and spiritual gaps they’ve felt since leaving.

Interesting–they want to be closer to God and they know that they need the church for that. Instead of feeling that they do not want to know God or be close to him realize maybe that they are frustrated and want to know God and just need some friendship from you. They feel God working in their lives. They have a void. God is moving so it is up to us to simply reap the harvest tht He is preparing.

They want solid Biblical truth. Your church provides that as you well know. This is encouraging news. Let’s use it to get motivated to continue doing what you are already doing and bringing more and more people to the Lord Jesus.

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