Happy Birthday Philip Bassham


Today is Philip Bassham’s birthday! Philip, Happy Birthday to you! The entire church, the staff and especially Betty and I are very thankful to God for you and very proud of you.

For the rest of you that do not know Philip let me tell you a little about him! Several years ago now I got a phone call from a young man who I had never heard of. He had graduated from Pensacola Christian College, had traveled at least two years with Neighborhood Bible Time, and had a hunger to serve God. Very few young men will seek out training like Philip did.

He called and wanted to know if he could come to Peru and learn about the mission field. He wanted real experience from someone doing it. No one had told him to do so but he had in his heart to seek out more definite hands on training. He spent 6 months in Peru learning, working, and growing. He learned Spanish very well for the time that he was in Peru.

While in Peru he expressed to me the desire to be mentored and to find someone he could submit to that would help him be all that God had intended for him. God gave us a very special relationship.

He came back with us to start Vision Baptist Church. At that time he committed to stay with us for at least 2 years to get the church up and running. He has literally done any job that I have asked him to do. He was not a song leader but I needed one and so he willing took a job that he really wasn’t prepared for nor wanted. I needed the web page done and again he wasn’t trained but he learned and has done a great job. I thank God for him and hope you realize what a blessing he is to our church.

In the first year back here at Vision he felt like God might be leading him to Kyrgyzstan. He and Mark Coffey went to the country and he came back all excited. I asked him to stay here in the church for more training and preparation before leaving. Again, he has done what I asked. I believe that God is going to greatly use him on the mission field. His willingness to learn and follow is very indicative of how God will use him to lead.

Happy Birthday, Philip! God bless you


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