What a church!

Well I just got a letter with the following quote in it and wanted to share it with you. This was written by one of our young people and I am so grateful for her and also for Trent and Stephanie Cornwell and the ministry that they are having.

Read this quote: “I have now been going to Vision Baptist church 1 month and its awesome. I love it so much. Vision Baptist church is about love, caring, and meeting new people who want to get closer to you. I have grown to love everyone who goes to Vision Baptist Church. I’m sure you would love Vision Baptist so if you don’t go you should give it a try. Come and meet new people and feel loved and cared for. I know I would love to be a person who gets closer to you.”

If that isn’t about as powerful a testimony as you can get I do not know what is. We are so blessed! What a church! What a Saviour! What a youth department! Thank you Lord Jesus for the privilege of serving at Vision Baptist Church

Why don’t you share what you think of our church with others and also with me. What an encouragement!

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