Our missionary returns to the field today!

Chris Gardner has been in the states preaching now for about a month. He was invited to preach for a great church in California, the First Baptist Church of Long Beach Spanish Ministry where the Pastor is Luis Parada! After that thanks to Philip Bassham and his contacts Chris was able to preach in Texas. From Texas it was on to the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Georgia.

I want to thank the guys that work in our office for all the hard work they did arranging meetings for our missionary. I am sure that I will miss someone but Robert Canfield worked hard making phone calls, Philip Bassham had the most connections, Trent Cornwell arranged at least one meeting. I love it.

I served as a missionary for a long time and rarely had anyone ever help me get meetings. But since Chris is a missionary from our church and we are a church and a team the staff and church went to work to really treat him like a missionary from our church. It means much more than just getting support or having your name on our roll to be a missionary from Vision. We are and will really be behind our missionaries. Thank you to all of you.

Chris was here trying to raise support for the Bible College. They are in desperate need for help with the Bible College. I thank God for the good team of missionaries that God has placed together working in this very important ministry. Greg Anderson has always carried a large part of the load financially, Businessmen Committed to World Evangelism have carried the biggest part of the construction and now even the monthly support, and now David Gardner and Jeremy Hall are beginning to pick up a part of this great need.

Also it appears that another man will be on that team for the Bible College, Ron Link. Ron is in the process right now of applying to the mission. Will you please pray for this great work.

Chris, Andria, and the kids will be back in the states in March, Lord willing, to raise support for the Bible College. They will stay until they get the job done so we will have our work cut out for us. I am looking for volunteers who will help to call churches, help with mailings, letter writings, etc to get the job done. This is the responsibility of our church to keep up with what is going on in our ministry in Peru. See how you will be willing to help. We will begin calling again right now to set things up for next year. If you are interested in helping please let us know at the church office. We will train you in exactly what to say and do.o

Pray as Chris flies back to Peru today. He can’t wait to get with his family again. He is anxious to get back to his ministry. I know the feeling because I used to do what he is doing.

Ain’t God good and ain’t things wild as we see how God is working in our lives and ministry.

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1 thought on “Our missionary returns to the field today!”

  1. Bro. Gardner,

    I would like to help in making phone calls or whatever is needed during the day. I only have an hour for lunch and it’s not much I know but I would be honored to use that time to help Chris get meetings in whatever way is needed. I can also help with mailings and letters in the evenings.

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