Looking forward to tomorrow!

Our Couples Class to me is always a great time. Not only do we learn a ton from the Word of God but we have a blast together just laughing and enjoying the Lord, the Bible, and each other. If you are a couple that would love to just study what might be a blessing to your marriage why don’t you join us tomorrow morning at 9:30 in my office.

Then in the morning we are going to see the Salvation of Saul. What a man and what truths that we need to learn from them. First there was a crisis decision–it wasn’t a lighthearted decision but rather he knew he had sinned against a Holy God and he repented and submitted to the will of the Lord. He immediately obeyed, got baptized, went to work, and was used of God. You are going to miss it if you are not with us.

Then I just finished the evening message! God has a place for everyone of us. Amazingly He stops the history and story of the church with all those great men of God to remind us of a lady making clothes and her importance to the work of God. We all may have and do have different gifts and abilities but everyone has a place that is important and very necessary.

I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. I truly love our church and what God is doing. Every time I am shocked at just how good He is to us. Have a great evening and get there early tomorrow morning.

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