What’s wrong blogging!

Well I have been blogging so much that when I miss a few days or blog less some of my friends think that something must be wrong. I got a call from one of our friends over seas and the wife said–you need to ask him if he is ok, is he traveling, sick, or discouraged?!

This past weekend we had Joy, Julio, Benjamin and Lelia with us as well as Chris. That meant that after work and services I was very swamped with family. Stephanie and her boys came up, David and Katie were around and so needless to say my time got a way from me.

It was wonderful to have all the family together except for Andria, Jacob, Hannah, and Andrew and David Young. So our family all 15 of us were together and it was fun but hectic. At CiCi’s pizza they asked me how my children were doing. I said I am the granddad not the dad. Boy was he in shock.

So I am not bad off–just been busy, and a very good busy. Thanks for your prayers and your concern.

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