Welcome home–Mark and Natasha

Mark and Natasha Tolson were back home and with us today. They got married on August 18, 2007. They just returned from their honeymoon to be with us for Matthew’s banquet. Mark and Natasha seem to be so happy and it is a great honor to have such a fine young couple in our church. God is going to greatly use them without a doubt.

I as pastor am very proud of them. God has given me the great honor and privilege of training some of the finest young men and women in the world. Literally you have no idea of the quality and caliber of young people that we have amongst us.

Some day you will hear from them as they are serving God on the front lines. I have helped train a lot of young men and women who are in the ministry and across the world right now. I tell you now that you are going to be pleasantly shocked at what you see from the lives of these young people in the next few years is Jesus tarries His coming.

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