Another God blessed day!

Well today was our Matthew’s Banquet and God greatly blessed. Though many of our regulars were out of town we still had a good number of visitors.

There were 35 in the Spanish church and 4 accepted Jesus as their Saviour. Pastor Ronald is doing a great job and we are blessed to have him.

David and Anne Lundy had 32 in the children’s ministry and I have heard many compliments of them and the work they do. Be sure and click here to read the Faith Friends blog.

Our total attendance for today was 125 in Sunday School, 166 for the morning service and then 87 for the evening service. God has been so good to our church.

I am so very proud of everyone of you. Thank you for praying, for inviting your friends, for doing all the work to set everything up, being so friendly, and for just being you. You are doing a great job. If it weren’t for your friendliness and hard work we would not be seeing the results that we are. You are the greatest.

I am privileged and honored to work with people like you. I was so proud of Philip and the music today. Everyday they seem to get better. John does such a good job with the offering devotional, Trent is fantastic with the announcements. What can I say–we are blessed with the best team in the world.

Tony Howeth helped by organizing everything. He is so good! He knows just what to do and when. Mark Coffey is more than a right hand to me. I count it a great honor and privilege to work with him.

I thank each of you for all you did in your Sunday School classes.

Let me remind you that He will not forget what you are doing for His name. He will not forget even a glass of cold water in the name of Jesus.

I am tired but satisfied. As my old friend, Paul Forsyth, used to say–Ain’t it wild! That is how I feel tonight. God bless each of you.

Betty and I are blessed.

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