Why Matthew’s Banquet

I am sure that some of you might be asking the question, Why Matthew’s Banquet? Let me tell you the story first. When Matthew or Levi (his other name) gave his life to follow Jesus he invited all of his friends to his house. He then invited Jesus to come to his house and introduced his friends to Jesus.

This actually caused Jesus to be highly criticized for eating and drinking with publicans and sinners.

Sometimes we get saved, get right with God and get so separated from sinners that we are unable to connect with any lost people and therefore are unable to introduce them to Jesus.

The reason for this Sunday is that you would be able to invite your friends to church, to hear the gospel, to introduce them to Jesus Christ. You can not make the decision for your friends to accept Christ but you should be making sure that they get the opportunity to meet Jesus and to accept Him personally.

Sunday will be an exciting time. Why? Because you will be bringing your friends to church to have some time with them, they will hear the gospel, meet other Christians, and have to make a decision.

Some will accept Christ, others will reject Christ but you and I will be involved in heavy spiritual warfare. Giving them the chance to be saved and begin serving Jesus.

So what do you need to be doing! You need to be praying! You need to be begging God to bring people through your invitation. You need to be begging God for Philip, the music, the special music, John, the offering, everything and also for me that I would be able to preach in such a way that they would hear and respond to the gospel message.

God is working in a great way in our church no doubt! He is blessing but we will never be satisfied until we see people getting saved every week.

Thank you for praying and working to get the gospel to people.

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