The Sound System Jerk–that’s me!

Well I have been getting it hard for my little stunt Sunday night with the sound system.

In case you weren’t there you missed it. I can be a real jerk, pain, and embarrassment and especially when it comes to the sound system!

As we began to pray on Sunday night the sound system did something–it got a devil in it (not really–just teasing)! It kept getting worse. No one could figure out what to do. The hum, then roar just kept getting worse!

Then I got up in the middle of the offering message and began unplugging speakers and monitors. We finally just killed the sound system. I preached without a microphone and no recording–kind of makes you think you could be in Peru!

Well I must confess that I was wrong–got in the flesh–acted like an idiot and I apologize!

Can I explain something just briefly–I am not sure that you understand what is going on in my mind when we get to church and the preaching but I just thought I would tell you a little.

I really believe that those 30 to 40 minutes are very important. I never want to just go through the routine. I never want to just be in church to be in church– or be there because I am supposed to be. I want to make a difference with my life.

I study and I study hard and pray hard to have something from God that will help you and be a blessing to you and take us to where we should be to become all that the Lord Jesus wants us to be.

So as carnal and maybe as prideful as it might sound–I get really stressed that I am saying what the Lord wants me to say and the way He wants me to say it. I am conscious of every movement and sound in the room. I do not want anything to hinder what the Holy Spirit of God is doing.

I am sure that I take too much on myself. I am not sure that anyone else even sees the hour as importantly as I do but I really do so needless to say I can take it too personally and as too important.

I am sure that some of it is my sense of false self importance!!

But can I tell you something–I think the church services are the most important hours of our week. I think that preaching is supposed to be God speaking through the preacher to the people from the Word of God in such a way that people are really changed.

I am very passionate about the church. Not because it is my job but because it is my life. Preaching, teaching the Bible, building people, seeing people get saved, etc is what I live for.

So sometimes the extreme desire to see it done right gets out of control.

What a jerk–but I am working on it!

I welcome your comments.


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4 thoughts on “The Sound System Jerk–that’s me!”

  1. Pastor, I read your posting with interest and am totally sympathetic (would be ashamed to have you see me react to things that don’t go my way – just ask Elisabeth!).

    Had an old rough jail preacher tell me once that once you’ve decided to do your best for Jesus, buckle up because Satan’s taking notice.
    That ‘Devil” that got into the sound system might be just that!

    In Florida many times our gospel trio sang in front of people we were trying to get the message of Jesus across to.

    Several times when we thought it was OUR harmony, style or selection that was particularly important GOD would allow those “little Devils” invade our sound system, make us forget the lyrics or some other distraction would occur.

    It seemed that just when we thought our performance wasn’t up to standard that GOD blessed the message in marvelous ways.

    We love you Brother and NO ONE thinks you’re a jerk! You’re my pastor by GOD’s will and my choice and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  2. Its ok with me because i can use that offering devotion over again. Just kidding beloved pastor. Loved the post, it shows your character.

  3. There are really no words to express how wonderful it is to know you care so much about how God works in our hearts during the services. Thank you for loving people–especially your people–like you do. It’s a wonderful example to follow.

  4. Pastor Austin,
    I was not there to see you “lose it”, my loss!!! But I would like to thank you for all you do to allow the Holy Spirit to come thru in all parts of the service. I can not tell you how many times, I can come into your church and needed something to help me carry on, and every single time, your church has delivered. Walking in I was on the verge on giving up, not wanting to carry on, but the message that was preached on those nights was always what my spirit needed. I enjoy being a Thursday night member and truly miss when I can not be there. I soooo wanted to be there today for Matthew’s Banquet. I know all went well, because God is with you and your church. That is why I feel so at home when I come there. Love all you guys!!!! See ya soon.

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