Loving someone!

I just thought that I would share some notes that I came across on the computer!

Can you honestly love someone and not pick up their loves? If you love God, how can you not want what He wants?

We are supposed to be men and women of sorrows. This is a society where you get a good retirement and it’s better than dying for Him.

We are the “me” generation. We want things for ourselves. Read a book written 60-100 years ago and you will see a different caliber of person The 1950’s was the end of the big missionary movement.

Now we have the philosophy that if it is dangerous, don’t go. It used to be, we have to go, we don’t have to come back. We don’t feel we need to get the Gospel to all the world.

You talk about what you are eaten up with. Our prayer meetings are don’t let us die, living is too much fun.

We never pray for a country, or for laborers to go to foreign countries.

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