Catching up!

Well I have kind of gotten behind on the posting due to any number of excuses that aren’t that good so I will just not give you any of them. I am really excited about what God is doing and so let me just kind of give you a bunch of short blurbs

Saturday Mark Tolson and Natasha Witt became Mr and Mrs Mark Tolson. I was a great day and a beautiful wedding. I was so proud of Natasha and how she had such a beautiful wedding but it was very modest. What a testimony to get married and on that so special day to be so modest in the dress and everything.

Mark and Natasha are going to be greatly used of God and I am very proud of them.

Chris Gardner
will be preaching on Thursday night at our church so you will not want to miss that.

Betty and I are so happy for the 34 years that God has given us and want to thank the church for being so kind to us Sunday night. Thank you for the kind words, the cake, the gifts, and all. We really love all of you.

God gave us a wonderful attendance on Sunday and I think things are back on track as the summer winds down.

Saturday will be a special day with our Vision Men’s meeting at 8 am and then our Visitation Breakfast at 9:15 and then visitation and work day to get ready for the Matthew’s Banquet. I hope that you will participate in everything.

Sunday will be Matthew’s Banquet–your chance to invite your friends and loved ones to be with us, to make new friends, to hear the gospel and to worship the Lord Jesus Christ.

Julio and Joy are on their way right now to Alabama to have the pacemaker put in. The kids, Benjamin and Lelia, are with us. This is the first time in their lives that they have stayed with us. I hope that they enjoy it and are not to worried about where their parents are.

Well I guess that will about do it but I want you to know that we are in the service of the great God of Heaven and we want Jesus to be glorified more than we want to live. Let’s work this week to invite people and to make a difference in lives.

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