A wild story for you!

Well Mark and I have been out this week passing out Matthew’s Banquet invitations, gospel tracts, and brochures about our church. Someone called the church this week to ask what was going on. They had seen an old beat up white car that had gone by their house like 5 times and had left the material in the extra box on their mailbox stand. They were wondering what that old car was doing in the neighborhood and if it was for real or if they might be in danger.

I, first, didn’t think our car was that old or beat up! Secondly, the last thing we want people to think is that they are in danger because we are passing out invitations to church, and thirdly they are in danger of eternal judgment if they do not know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. We wanted to get them the invitation and a chance to visit our church. Needless to say somebody misunderstood.

We do apologize for anything that might have caused them to be afraid of us or the car but we do not apologize for inviting people to come to church. It is the most important thing that can happen–that they would come, hear the gospel and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.

Are you inviting people to church? Are you witnessing of your faith in Jesus Christ? That is our purpose! That is what we are here for. Let’s get the gospel to them anyway that we can.

Have you invited anyone to be with you tomorrow? Have you invited anyone to come and be with you for Matthew’s Banquet. Time is short. Do not miss the chance to invite people to be with you. It could make an eternal difference!

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