Medical Clinic report

I received several emails asking for further updates on the medical clinic in Arequipa, Peru and I have been waiting impatiently like you but finally today I think we are getting some where. Read the following reports that come from Chris Gardner on the uttermost blog.

Crazy days with the groups

Well we had the groups in Peru and they were great. We had a group that was with Go Forth Baptist Missions. They came down to help set up and work on the Bible College property so the doctors could get in without a problem and do their stuff. They were a great group and I am thankful for the Carson and Showers families that were leading the group. Also Julio and David were vital to making everything work. They worked day in and day out to try and get everything ready for the people to be seen in a timely fashion. They had 27 people in their group I believe. A lot of them are at PCC studying nursing so this gave them a lot of experience as well. I believe that everyone had a great time. Our wives worked like crazy cooking, but the group was on top of trying to help the ladies out afterwards. I do thank God for all of the wives and their hard work during this time.


Doctors finally arrived

A group of 33 doctors finally made it in. Needless to say things were crazy. Bradly Edmonson was leading the group of doctors and nurses here to Peru. We had a great time with them. Bradley is a member of Calvary Baptist Church there in Ashland, Ohio. Pastor Strachan was the other pastor that was preaching in the Youth Conference so he tagged along with the doctors. The medical group was an incredible blessing, people were talking about the medical groups all over the city. We were on pretty much all of the TV stations and a most of the radio stations. I believe that God is going to do great things through the people that have been saved at the clinic.


2 crazy events simultaneously

OK, on Monday we started the medical clinic. I drove up to see how everything was going and mayhem would be a good word for it. I think Benjamin Armstrong will be trying to get up some pictures on the blog of it since they are all in Peru. We had thousands of people outside the complex waiting for their turn to get in.

I am sure that we could have treated thousands more if we would have had the medicines and the amount of medical professionals necessary. I think we treated around 4000 people during the Medical Clinic. You could definitely tell that Bradley and gang had dealt with this kind of mayhem before, they took everything in stride. We had 1490 professions of faith during the clinic. This was so exciting to see. Please pray for these people, that we will do a good job in discipling them and that we might see many growing into leadership in Peru.

The clinic started on Monday and was supposed to go through Friday but was only able to make it through Thursday because of a lack of medicine. The half a million dollars worth of medicine that were shipped in were basically gone. We want to thank everyone that was down here for all that they did. Many people came to know Christ as their personal Saviour because of what you did. I really hope that the Lord gives us an opportunity to work together again in something like this.

I will say that on Friday we had to have the police come to remove the people in line for that day because of the possibilities of rioting. Also, we had people that actually slept outside of the complex to be the first in line the next day. Needless to say, this kind of a ministry is very needed here in Peru.

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