Massive Earthquake in Peru

This report just came in from Chris Gardner. He is our church’s own missionary serving in Peru. Right now he is in Texas preaching but Andria and the 3 children are in Peru. Joy and Julio and their three children are here with us in Cumming. Read Chris’ article.

Well, the 15th of August is always a day of great festivities. It is the anniversary of Arequipa. Yesterday evening, Peru had the strongest earthquake that it has had in over 40 years. My wife was at the church in the choir when everything started shaking. We have quite a few tremors in Peru so we don’t get too jumpy with everything moving but it just kept on moving and wouldn’t stop. My wife said that some of the church members were looking at there watches and claimed that the earthquake went for 38 seconds. A few miles from Ica was the epicenter of the 7.9 earthquake. The electricity and phone services in the country were all shut down for a while to later be restored. I ask you to pray for the people in Peru right now. Some news agencies say that between 115 and 330 people have died. I am sure that the number will rise for the next couple of days.

Many of the peruvian people are sleeping in tents out in the parks for fear of their houses not holding up. For quite a few hours after the quake, we were under a Tsunami warning. This warning has now been lifted. All schools in the country are closed today to make sure that they are safe and that there hasn’t been considerable structural damage to the buildings. I am sure that I will have stories over the next couple of days come in about this. The quake was so bad that the Pan American highway. THE highway that stretches from the southern tip of Chile all the way into Canada was interrupted. People were stealing from the stranded passengers on bus as well as in there private vehicles.

I want to thank God for an incredible wife. She decided to not call me until services were over to not concern me about all that was going on down there. What a blessing to have a wife that tries to look after what the Lord might do in a church. Also I thank God for a wife that is tough and is fine on her own there in Peru. What a privilege to be married to an incredible lady. Please continue to pray for everyone there in Peru. I have spoken with the Kotvas family in Lima and they say that everyone is well as well.


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