How Much Do You Care?

I wanted to share a post by Ron Maggard with each of you! It is very good and very strong and goes along with what we have been seeing in the book of Acts. We must tell them about Jesus.

Some Alarming Statistics Concerning Cultic Evangelism

1. Jehovah Witnesses distribute over 471,000,000 copies of their Awake and Watchtower magazines every year.

2. During a 15 year period, Mormon missionaries doubled in number.

3. If Muslims continue to grow at their present rate, by 2015, Islam will be the second largest religion in the USA.

4. Between 1200-1500 daily newspapers carry astrology in their columns in their issues.

5. For every person they baptized, the Jehovah’s Witnesses visited 740 hours and distributed 1,650 copies of their magazines.

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