God is blessing us big time!

The North American Mission Board did a study about new church plants. Since we are a new church plant I was very interested in reading the report and to see how we would fare according to the statistics. I thank God for how He is blessing and wanted you to be able to rejoice also. So here goes the things I derive from the study.

Our church is about 1.5 years old. God has given us an average over the last 12 months of 86 in Sunday School, 109 in the AM service, 71 in the evening service, and 70 in our mid-week service. I want you to know all of that so that you will be able to see the blessings. I am not trying to boast but rather to praise God for what He has done in all of our lives.

They shared data with 11 denominations and networks to survey more than 2,000 new churches planted from 2000 to 2005. They were able to determine the status of 1,000 of them and phone interviewed 500 of them.

They found that the survivability rate of the church plants in their study was 68 percent after four years—and this was similar in all denominations.

In the study they found that the average attendance at the end of one year was just over 40, second year just under 60, third year the attendance was just over 70, and the fourth year had gotten to just over 80 but still less than 90. You can click on the above link and get the actual report but I wanted you to see how God is blessing us.

So we can not relax but rather reach out to do more for the cause and kingdom of God. But we can thank Him and praise Him for His goodness to us!

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