World Evangelism Committee!

Lord willing we will be having World Evangelism Committee Session this Sunday from 1 to 4 p. m. I am excited that we have lots of people that are truly excited about being a part of trying to reach the world with the gospel message. It has been a couple of months since we had our last meeting but Lord willing now that summer is over those that are really interested can come and take part.

I wanted to challenge those of you that are hungry to get the gospel to the world to read the posts on the World Evangelism blog and also you might be interested to learn what goes on in the hearts of the missionary wives around the world by reading the posts on World Evangelism News and Helps. You need to understand the heart and mind of your missionaries. The posts there are actually edited letters written by the ladies to each other. They really reveal their hearts and all that they are going through.

Also notice that when you take a stand for Christ there will be a lot of pressure on you to not carry the gospel from well meaning people that think that we should value our lives more than we value the gospel of Jesus Christ and His commands.

I will see you this Sunday afternoon for the World Evangelism Committee meeting and be excited about our plans to reach the world with the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

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