Persecution has been our subject on two different nights now–both Thursday night and Sunday night. We have looked at how God’s people responded to persecution that came there way. It has been an interesting study in theory since we do not know personally suffer here in the USA for our faith.

While persecution for us here in the United States is probably at most that someone would make fun of us there are people around the world right now that are suffering for their faith. I have not mentioned the Korean Christians that are suffering as of yet in this blog but since we are studying what the Bible says about persecution I wanted to move it out of the realm of theory and let you know that in all truth many people really do suffer for their faith.

In Afghanistan the Taliban has been holding some Korean Christians hostage simply because of their faith in Jesus Christ. I would ask that you pray for them and keep up with what God is doing in their lives. They are being held for ransom. It is really persecution for simply believing in Jesus Christ. Some have been put to death but all are suffering.

I also got a message from a Christian in North Africa about a man in Egypt that is on the run because he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and simply wants to change his status from Muslim to Christian but it is illegal. He is suing the state to make them allow his change of status. In Egypt you can be a Christian or a Muslim but you can not convert from Muslim to Christian. You are what you are born physically as–either Muslim or Christian. The article is in Spanish and so most of you will not be able to read it but I challenge you to know and pray about our brother in Egypt.

I also want to ask you to risk yourself this week! Will you talk to some one about your faith in Jesus Christ this week! Will you invite someone to come to church and here the gospel with you? It seems a little hypocritical when we know that our brothers around the world are suffering for the Lord Jesus and we are unwilling to even invite someone to be with us in a church service.

You have a great opportunity coming up right now! Matthew’s Banquet is just around the corner. Who are you inviting to come and be with us? Who are you praying for that they would come to know Jesus Christ right now?

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