Matthew’s Banquet

Well the last graphic I put up had grammatical errors in it and Betty, my wife was quick to point that out! Needless to say that post has since disappeared.

I definitely hope that you are excitedly planning on what you can do to get the gospel to your friends and have them be with us for the banquet.

After the graphic I will share with you several ideas that you might use to try and get some of your loved ones, family, and friends to the service so that God can do a work in their lives.


Here are some ideas that I hope will help you do what you want to do in getting people to the banquet, the church and most of all the Lord Jesus Christ.

1. You can send the e-invite from our church website, with a note that says: “I want you to be my very special guest for this exciting day at our church!”

2. Call your friend and tell them that your church is having what they call Matthew’s Banquet and that it is always a lot of fun and a very special day at your church. Tell them that you know that God will bless them if they come with you and that it will mean a lot to you.

3. Offer to meet them in the parking lot so that they will not feel intimidated about coming to a new place where they do not know people.

Regardless of how you do it you should use this special day as a way to get as many as you can to be with us for Matthew’s Banquet–where they will meet new friends, hear the gospel and be introduced to your church.

Be praying. Only God can change lives and we really want and need Him to be working on this special day.

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