Well I am excited about tomorrow for lots of reasons! It is Sunday and I have always loved church and getting to be with God’s people. I can’t wait to preach tomorrow. I love our Sunday School Class–the Home Improvement Class. Not only is it a good Bible class but we literally have a wonderful time.

Then tomorrow morning we are going to look at a very important subject–important enough that Baptist people have taken a very strong stand to the point of enduring a great deal of persecution over all the ages but even more importantly it is the way we publicly declare our love for the Lord Jesus Christ! Baptism will be the subject and it will be a wonderful and important message.

I am excited about tomorrow night when we will look at Acts 3 and see how clearly God wanted the Jews and the world to know that Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah. So often we get caught up in the miracles and forget the why of the miracle or the who of the miracle. I am excited about getting to show you these wonderful truths.


Also tomorrow is an important day because in 1975, 32 years ago, our oldest son was born and life has never been the same since. William Christopher came into the world with our hopes that God would greatly use him and God has answered our prayers in greater ways than we could ever imagine. He has greatly used Chris and he has become more than just a son, he is my friend, my co-laborer, and more than I could ever explain. It is a wonderful honor and blessing to have all of your children serving God and I will never know why God has been so good to us!

Betty and I were only 21 years old! We certainly didn’t know what we were doing and I doubt we do now but we were so in love and so excited to have a baby entrusted to us. Now our first baby has 3 children and God is greatly using him.

Chris, from your mother and me, we love you very much and we are very proud of you! It is an honor and privilege to be your dad and mom. It is also an honor and privilege to be your sending church. We love you and hope you have a wonderful and happy birthday!

Also on Monday it will be my dad’s birthday and he will be 78 years old. So a day in advance, dad, we love you and happy birthday!

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