Great Vision Team!

Trent Cornwell and Mark Coffey are doing a great job with their blogs and I wanted to be sure and tell you to check out their recent additions. Trent will tell you what is happening in Peru and on their time there. Mark Coffey has set up a blog that would be good for all that are going into the ministry.

I believe that it would help any of you that are thinking about getting into the ministry to read what Mark is writing. It will help you to understand the mindset. It is the best way to get into the ministry. Take one step up every time God gives you a chance and learn all you can. Wait on the Lord and He will put you in the ministry that He wants you in.

Others from our church staff that have a blog need also to be mentioned. A new one is the one that Philip Bassham is doing on teacher training. Mark Tolson has a blog for the Asian Bible Fellowship. Philip has another for the Singles Ministry. Chris Gardner has a blog for the ministry that God has given him in Peru.

John Pearson has a blog for our Bridgebuilders class and for the Businessmen Committed to World Evangelism. If you can read Spanish or just want to see the pictures Ronald Tubillas has a blog for the Spanish ministry.

I also have two other blogs that are for pastors, missionaries and those that think of being in full time service. Be sure to check out World Evangelism and World Evangelism News and Helps.

With the links below you can sign up to get several of these blogs via email. I hope you enjoy all of the work that our Vision Team is doing first for the Lord Jesus and secondly for you.

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