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Well I just want to thank God and wanted you to be able to praise also. Here is a comparison from a year ago until today. In July of 2006 compared to July 2007. Sunday School grew from 48 to 99. AM service grew from 60 to 122. The PM service grew from 42 to 81 and the Thursday night service grew from 51 to 82. God has truly blessed us.

We are now entering into the fall of the year. It is a great opportunity to see God save people and make a difference. Many of your friends are only one invitation away from coming to church, getting saved and having their lives changed for time and eternity.

We have two big days planned for this month. One is Back to School Sunday on August 12th and the other is August 26 will be our Matthew’s Banquet.

Back to School Sunday is a chance to reach boys and girls and school age young people with the gospel. David Lundy has a tremendous program in our Faith Friends for the children. We also have a Sunday School class for every age. Trent Cornwell and Chris Fies also have something very special every Sunday for our teens. Use this Sunday–August 12th to get kids into Sunday School and to hear the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Then on August 26th you have your chance to get the entire family involved with our Matthew’s Banquet. If you do not know what you can do please contact the church office. We will be inviting everyone to be here. We will reach as many people with the gospel as we can. Will you help? They are your friends. God has placed them in your path and has given you the message that could change their life. Will you use what God has given you to make a difference in the life of your friend?

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  1. Seems like this summer has had a flurry of activity that is producing interest from visitors and members alike. The mission trips this summer have been incredible as God has done more than we could ask or think. The work of some of our friends in closed and dangerous countries is a real encouragement and the VBS and Master’s Club activity is and is going to be exciting. Seems like we are through the rough part of the summer with strength and heading into a growth time with momentum. God is so good to us.

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