Just thanking God!

I am sitting here in the basement of our house just getting ready to leave and go to the church for the afternoon and for the Thursday evening service. I have been writing, studying, praying and thinking of all the good things that God has done for me and for all of you.

Right now we have a good number of our people still out on the mission field. The Pearsons are in Chile! Though not all are missionaries several of our “family” and my real family are in Peru and doing a work that is unequaled today. Chris Gardner and family are members of our church and they are in Peru leading a tremendously large and pressured filled ministry and need our prayers every day.

David and Katie Gardner are my family though not members of our church! Joy and Julio Soncco are not members of our church but are also my family and I really appreciate all the work that they are doing. Jeremy Hall is not a member of our church but is a part of everything that we do and we thank God for his great heart and all the work that he does.

Trent Cornwell may not be part of my physical family but he is part of my spiritual family and a major part of our church. Also Chris Fies is in Peru helping with everything as well as Taylor, Brianna, and Jim.

Anyway as I thought about all that God is doing with us I wanted to just thank you for being so “selfless”. Do you know what I mean? Not putting ourselves in front. I know that we all want the limelight but this thing is so much bigger than all of us. We are serving the great God of Heaven. There are so many ministries. There are so many servants that Vision is connected to. It is so easy to get lost in the shuffle. That is one thing that I like about what Mark Coffey says in his blog. You really need to read it to get the full message.

John and I have often joked about “we do not care who gets the credit as long as we get the cash–or results” but that is so often not really true. We all want to protect our turf. I am so guilty of worrying about what everyone thinks. I am so guilty of wanting to be loved and respected when I need to only worry about the name of the Lord God of Heaven.

You could say that we need to get like Paul who could say that the more he loved the less he was loved. None of us would ever defend turf on purpose but we must be careful to keep our feelings under check.

That is what I thank God for about each of you. We have worked for over a year and you have done so wonderfully in serving without worrying about your name being mentioned. You have given, and served with no thought of return. I thank God for you. This battle is bigger than all of us.

We will get our reward but it will not happen until we see the real and only true judge, the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for being “selfless”. Thank you for giving to all and learning from all.

Let us never fall into the trap of fussing and fighting, of divisions, and cliques. God is going to use us to do great things but to do that we must move forward with Him and only Him as our goal.

I want you all to know that I love you and that I am praying for you. Great things are coming. Hang on!

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