Just in from Peru!

We just got this message from Mariangela Simeon in Peru. She is a member of our church and is training in the Our Generation Training Center:

It is 10 pm and I just got home. It was a busy day today. This morning we had Bible study led by Jim Whitten. He talked about obedience to God’s call. It was a good start to our eventful day.

AM – went to the Children’s Home. My eyes truly affected my heart (Lam 3:51)

PM – helped out at the Medical Clinic. The Lord truly blessed today. A little over 700 people got to see the doctors, about 300 professions of faith. Amen, and amen!! Wish you all were here to share this moment with us. It was really a blessing to see hundreds and hundreds of people lined up outside the gates of the seminary waiting to be ministered to.

I’ll tell you more later. Please pray for all of us here…

This is just a short email but I hope you can hear her heart as she is serving God in Peru. I hope that others will take the time to write us a note but do not forget to pray. Trent Cornwell is preaching there every night.

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