Did you hear about Trent Cornwell?!

Trent is preaching in Arequipa, Peru right now! God is using him tremendously. Our daughter, Joy, called to let us know just how well he did this morning. She said she was very blessed, impressed, and proud.

I am proud. Do you have any idea the caliber of man that God has given us here at Vision. I hope you will always pray for him. He has one of the most important jobs in our church, reaching the future leaders of world evangelism and our church. I thank God for him.

Be sure and check out his blog and keep up with him while he is in Peru.

Also check out what God is doing in North Africa. It is really unbelievable and I am so proud of how are young people are allowing God to use them.

Also as a side note but it really isn’t I want to thank Mrs. Lori Holt for how kind she has been to me. She has been a tremendous hostess and done so much that I am embarrassed to have received so much undeserved hospitality. Thank you Lori. Check out the video and see and hear from Jason and Lori.

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