What a blessed day!

Well it started off great this morning when I talked to Travis Snode and heard how God had blessed them. They were in the new rented building and heading towards their Celebration Sunday in September. Please be praying for Northwest Baptist Church!

Then we went to church with Jason and Lori Holt and God blessed them with 103 in the service and 7 salvation decisions. God is truly using them in a great way and they are the best of hosts.

I still haven’t heard from Peru but I am sure that Chris and Andria had over 400. David and Katie are there with a group from the states as well as Jeremy Hall. Our Youth Pastor Trent Cornwell is also in Peru with 4 of our people getting ready to preach in the youth Congress.

Then from the Jason’s church I called Betty and heard that we had 90 in Sunday School and 134 in church. That is with 1 very faithful worker in Tennessee, 5 in Peru, and 5 in Chile. What a great day. I thank God for Tony Howeth and his willingness to serve all the time and do such a great job.

It has been great to be here in Chile with John and Sandy Pearson and to always learn more of their heart for God and the ministry. It was great to see Kristen and Kathryn sing today in English and then watch as Kristen helped with the piano all week.

I am very blessed and thank God for all of you and all that you do. I can’t wait till we can all get back together and see what God is going to do in and through Vision Baptist Church for the rest of the year.

More later.

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2 thoughts on “What a blessed day!”

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  2. StephCornwell

    It was great to read the great report on your trip! We had a great day at Vision, but missed you all so much! Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part, we are having such a great time with the youth. Today we had 16. The teens are excited that everyone will be back next Sunday and we can work hard to be our record!
    You guys are in our prayers!

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