Tired but satisfied

Well I am tired but satisfied. I am here in Chile with Jason and Lori Holt as you know. The Pearsons are here as well.

The Holts are doing a great job. The church is growing. The Youth Congress has been a great time. Both John and I have preached each night–you know that John learned Spanish well enough to preach in Spanish each time that we are on these trips!! I think that means that lots of others could do the same!

We got here on Wednesday and preached that night. Then on Thursday morning we spent about 2 hours teaching and preaching to about 50 young people. That night we preached at the Youth Congress again. This morning I spent about 2.5 hours preaching to several pastors from the area. We had a great time.

Then tonight was the last service and it was a good time. God blessed and I thank Him very much. It is after midnight and the house is quiet but I wanted to type a note to all of you because I really enjoy this little way of spending some time with you. I wanted you to know of God’s blessings here.

I am so excited that we have a church that is so given to the Lord Jesus Christ and His cause. Right now we have 5 members visiting and working here in Peru. We also have at least 4 from our church in Arequipa with 5 more of our folks (Chris and Andria and family). I am glad that you are excited about world evangelism and spreading the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am also hearing good reports from those that are back home. I thank Tony Howeth for preaching Thursday night. He is such a great preacher. We are blessed and honored to have him carry so much of the load at the church. I hear some new converts are really excited about doing something for God

I hear that the Spanish church and Pastor Ronald will be baptizing this Sunday and that several of the English church will be getting baptized the next Sunday. God is so good to us!

Well I was just sitting here thinking of how good we have it at Vision Baptist Church. We are a new church but He has poured out His richest blessings on us. Thank you for all you do.

Also I wanted to ask you to get busy inviting your friends and neighbors to be with us this Sunday. You can mark it down that Tony will have a great message. I think he will be preaching about the Lamb of God. I can promise you that you will not want to miss it.

I am so proud of my family and the work that they are doing in Arequipa. Right now our oldest daughter is with her family and church working in Mexico on a short term mission’s trip. The other three, Chris, Joy, and David are in Arequipa hosting and working with a group of about 100. I am so proud of their hard work. I know what it is like to host groups. Betty and I did it for 18 years but this is the largest group we ever had. They are wonderful and Betty and I are so blessed to have children that love God and are serving Him with all that is within them.

Well I will let you go but I wanted you to know that though I am tired that I am very satisfied. God is blessing our church and the missionaries that we support. It is wonderful to serve God. Thank Him and thank you.

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1 thought on “Tired but satisfied”

  1. Well that is a challenging and encouraging video. The most exciting thing about starting the church in Alpharetta is all that you said in that video. We will have to risk it all, and hang it all out there in order to see that happen. Much has been given us and much will be required of us. This is a unique ministry. Don’t miss these videos. Thank you Austin for the blogs, videos, email rings and all the ways you help us keep informed daily.

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