Off to Chile

Well I am off to Chile tonight to be with Jason Holt in their Youth Congress. I always invite you to read his blog and keep up with what God is doing there. I will be traveling with the Pearson family and will begin preaching the very afternoon that we land. I will have the opportunity also to see Aldo Asto and his family. Aldo was a member of the first church where I served in Peru and has been a missionary sent from Peru now for several years.

I am excited to see all that God is doing and how God is raising up new people and saving and transforming lives. I look forward to preaching this youth congress and will keep you posted on what God is doing. I hope you will stay tuned to this blog and also I hope to be posting some video updates on the new Vision Video News. All that is currently up there is a late night test message and you can see me yawning and trying to hide which my wife says that I am famous for doing.

Well please be praying for me and let me tell you that you will be in good hands while I am gone. Tony Howeth will be preaching and there is no better preacher any where than him. Also we have the best church staff that you could imagine and they will be here for you at any time. You feel free to call 770-456-5881.

Thanks for all you do and I will look forward to hearing about how you continue to grow and reach people with the gospel.

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