Calendar work!

Well I want to challenge you to go ahead and get your calendar out and make some notes for upcoming events! There is a lot on the calendar and I have to look at it regularly just to keep up. That means that I figure that it is about that bad for you!

First thing is our Spanish ministry is celebrating its one year anniversary this Sunday, July 22, 2007. Be sure and tell them that you love them and are praying for them. Be sure and see what you can do to tell Pastor Ronald that you love and appreciate him and all those that attend our church.

In August we have several exciting things coming up. First Trent will be doing several things with our young people that you will be hearing about. If you are not signed up to his blog you need to so you can keep up with all that is happening. You can click here to go see his blog.

He will be needing lots of help with the different activities that the students of vision will be doing and so I hope that you help him like you have helped in VBS.

On August 12, 2007 we will have our “Back to School Sunday!”

On August 26, 2007 we will have our Matthew’s Banquet and people are already praying about their friends and family that they will be inviting for this very special day!

On September 9, 2007 we will have Grandparents Day and also Friend Day at the Park together. It will be a very special and fun day.

Then the last announcement for this posting is September 23, 2007 which will be the end of our World Vision Celebration (September 20-23) which will be Diversity Sunday where we will try to have as much diversity represented in the service as possible. WE have all been excited to see how God has allowed us to have so many different cultures, nationalities and races in our church and the wonderful harmony and fellowship that He has given us. Come celebrate with us.

I will give you more postings about our World Vision Celebration in another post.

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