Spanish Church One Year Anniversary

Well next Sunday, July 22, 2007, will be the one year anniversary of the Spanish Ministry under Pastor Ronald Tubillas here at Vision Baptist. I am so very grateful to God for what He has done with our dear people and how God has worked in their lives. Thank you for being so friendly and kind to everyone. Our church is a very diverse church and we thank God for that privilege.

One year ago Pastor Ronald, Asunta, and Surama arrived from Peru. God has really used them and continues to do so. God has blessed them as I am sure the majority of you know with a new baby on the way!

Be sure and congratulate Pastor Ronald and Rachel Asunta his wife. Next week we will celebrate their first year. I want us to write them letters and tell them how much we love them. I want the church to plan now to give a special love offering for Pastor Ronald and his wife for all of their hard work. One year, souls saved, baptized, serving faithfully etc is no small task. We thank God for our Spanish ministry.

I hope that you will will make it a point to give them a hug, to write them a note, to congratulate them, and to get ready to do something as a special offering. God bless you.

Ronald, Asunta, and Surama–we love you and thank God for you.

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  1. I remember this time last year we were rejoicing that the long quest for a visa for the family was granted. God has been so good to us to allow us to have this wonderful family. I appreciate their mission work in our country and their heart for God. I want to encourage everyone to participate in showing them how much we love them.

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