West Africa Update

I’ll be flying out of Ouagadougou in about 5 hours now but before I do I thought I’d let ya’ll know what’s been going on here.  On friday afternoon we drove out to Roungo (a small village).  There were a few men around the church building wanting to help so with their help we painted the inside of the building, doors, windows, traced a church emblem maybe 4 feet squared above the front door, and built about 12-16 benches.  That night we slept out under the stars and listened to the choir practice for a long time.  Saturday morning we painted the emblem, had a baptism service, church dedication, and a normal service. The elders of the village and the chief even turned out to attend.  I was allowed the great priviledge to preach the morning service and to give the chief a gift.  Everything was interpreted twice, once into french and then into a local African language, this process was very interesting.  After the message a lady that had travelled from the city prayed for Jesus to save her!!  After the service we had fish head and rice for lunch, yum! Then we drove back to the city.  Saturday evening Bro. Keith usually disciples a young man named Emil (probably misspelled).  We got to sit down with him and just talk.  The conversation quickly turned to “the call of God”.  This was terrific because this is a guy that Bro. Keith would love to see in the ministry but he is fighting on the decision.  After we talked he said that it really helped him alot to hear the same thing from us that he had been hearing from Bro. Keith.  It was a great time!  Sunday morning we went to another church and again I was allowed to preach.  Again a lady got saved!! Then we went to another church in Ouagadougou and again God and Bro. Keith let me preach.  Bro. Lundy had been teaching children during every service and after this service he brought 2 boys and 2 girls who had gotten saved up to Bro. Keith to tell him!! Sunday night Bro. Lundy preached about Ebed-melech (the Ethiopian who rescued Jeremiah then God spared him).  Bro. Lundy’s message was greatly used of God.  Monday evening Bro. Lundy taught at a church about the importance of a children’s ministry and Tuesday evening he taught them how to do one.  Wednesday morning and Thursday morning we had a vacation bible school and had several hundred kids attend.  It was a great time.  Bro. Lundy taught two great stories.  The first was of the Shepherd and the lost sheep and taught how Jesus is looking for us to turn to Him.  The second was of David and Goliath and how God wants to use us to do great things.  Wednesday evening they let me preach again.  Tonight we had an informal men’s meeting.  Ten of us altogether, 3 white men and 7 Africans (Zacharie, Emil, Bado, Simon, Omar, Salif, Coffey).  We talked, gave our testimonies, ate, and asked questions.  This was one of the greatest times we’ve had here.  We were able to really share our hearts on a personal level and see the truly Godly desires of some of the men here. 

I’ll be flying to Casablanca with Bro. Lundy and then we’ll split ways.  He’s continuing on and getting home tomorrow evening.  I get to take 2 trains back to see our friend in North Africa, spend a day or two with him.  Then take a ferry, bus, and train to Malaga, Spain, fly to London, and finally make it back home on Tuesday afternoon.  I’m looking forward to getting back into Vision and seeing everything that’s been going on.  God Bless!! 

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  1. We are very proud of both of you and thank God for how He has used you. I can’t wait to get you both back here and to doing your ministry. I know God is going to use both of you greatly here and now and in the future also.

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