Just for the record–we still believe in a literal, eternal Hell!

Bob Preston sent me a link to an ABC News article about a very prominent minister who now denies the existence of Hell. He just can’t accept it. By the way I can’t accept it either and so that is the reason that we are in the process of trying to do all in our power to get the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ to the entire world to save people from an eternal Hell.

I am going to give you the link so that you can read for yourself what this man has to say and then I want to remind you that your doubt of or wish not to believe in something does nothing to change its reality. We have been commissioned by God to take the gospel message to the entire world so that people can be saved or rescued for all of eternity from this horrible place.

Click here to read the article

Know that Vision Baptist Church takes a stand on what the Word of God says. It is our only rule of faith and practice. Some may criticize us for not doing things their way but we have made a decision to be real Bible believers and Bible practicers.

If you are part of one of those churches that is dumbing down the gospel and seeking whatever they can do to make church and the Bible more palatable for you then you need to consider our church. You need a church that teaches the truth and not what you want to hear. We need a church that really speaks to us and meets us where we are than one that makes us feel good and put off what God has stated as completely true.

We must be about the work and get the gospel out to all that we can while we can.

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