Special thank you’s

I have been very busy ever since we returned from our trip to Morocco and Ireland and so I have not said thank you like I should. How can I tell you how much I love you guys. You have been so good to me. When I got to the office there were two big butterfinger candy bars waiting on me — you know I need to lose weight but you still keep giving me what I like and what keeps me in trouble. There were cans of diet mountain dews and a couple of notes.

Then we got home and there was a banner welcoming us back home. You would think that was enough but the teen agers had prepared a giant card to welcome us back home and tell us they loved us and then there were some of my favorite cookies on the desk that Sandy Pearson made a lot of back when we were making the phone calls to get the church started.

I am sure that I am missing something but I want each of you to know that I notice every little thing and thank you and God for it. Thank you Mrs. Sandy, thank you teen agers, thank you Our Generation students, thank you to an entire church.

God has truly blessed Betty and me beyond our wildest imagination. We are so grateful to God for the privilege of serving you at Vision Baptist Church. I thank God for each of you.

God has given us a great time until now but I truly believe that we have just gotten started. The foundation is laid and it is now time to start really building on it. I believe that we are going to see the church double in size over the next year. We have such a sweet spirit in the church. I literally do not know of anyone that is not thrilled and excited about what God is doing.

I see so much for us to do. I would love to see God allow us to start 100 churches just inside the 285 beltway around Atlanta. God wants to see this city reached. We are in for a wild ride but it is going to be fun.

Thank you. We love you all very much. We love serving God and we love Vision Baptist.

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