Just past midnight!

Well I am finally home after a wonderful and blessed day at Vision. This morning we had 107 in Sunday School and that really shocked me with it being the July 4th weekend. God has truly blessed our church and we just keep growing. In the AM service I am pretty sure that we had 114. I preached on Imputation! What a word–God counted or reckoned it. It put our sin on Christ’s account and Christ’s righteousness on our account. We are saved not by what we did but by what He did!

Tonight in the service we saw the need of the power of the Holy Spirit to be witnesses to the entire world. We were blessed with 97 in attendance and several visitors. Fred and Sherry Kindhart were with us and sang several songs. They have been our good friends for many years and are missionaries supported by our church. Fred and Sherry served in Mexico for over 20 years and now serve as the Mexican Field Director and Macedonia World Baptist Missions Administrator. Macedonia is the group that Betty and I served with for 20 years.

Tyler and Gretchen Masters were also with us and will be headed back to Peru on Tuesday. God really blessed their trip to North Africa and I thank God for them and their ministry.

Vacation Bible School is only one week away and so I want to challenge you to be praying for children to hear and accept the good news of Jesus Christ. I hope you are making plans now to bring as many children and teens as you can for this special week. Pray that God will be highly glorified.

Also begin praying for our Matthew’s Banquet which you heard about today. More details will follow but we need to do all we can to get the gospel to as many people as we can.

Pray for the Watson family as Hugh’s mother who is saved is about to go to Heaven. That is always a hard time even though we know where they are going. Pray that God will give them strength and that they can be a testimony to any family that does not know Jesus as their personal Saviour.

I am so excited to be back in our church after the trip to Morocco and Ireland. God blessed the trip and I really enjoyed the ministry that God allowed me to have but it doesn’t quite compare to being at home with you where I know that God has placed me. Pray for a great week that God will do great things.

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